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CCHS LC Lib Guide

Welcome to the CCHS LC Lib Guide.

The CCHS Learning Commons


Monday - Friday 7:00 - 3:30

To access all passwords click this link and log in with your email address.

NoodleTools :

NoodleTools helps you organize all your research needs from start to finish.  Create an account or re-validate your old account. If you have any problems or questions email or stop by and talk to any member of the Learning Commons staff. We are here to help!

Students who attended Concord Middle Schools should see Dr. Cicchetti to have their account transferred to CCHS. 

Students who attended middle school in Boston or Carlisle will need to create a new account.

To create a new account or revalidate your account enter the school username/password.

Passwords can be found here. Log in using your email address.

Learning Commons Staff

Dr. Cicchetti
Head Librarian

Ms. Franke
Library Assistant 



Short and Simple : )

  • Passes are limited and available on a first come, first serve basis
  • Academic work must be in evidence
  • Students are required to sign in/out for attendance purposes
  • Check out up to 10 books at a time, more if you need them for a project
  • Sit in chairs, not the laps of others
  • Inside voices
  • School-wide policy: Food, drinks, and snacks in the cafeteria only
  • Be nice to each other, be nice to the librarians. Niceness is contagious

 : )

Spring has sprung! Time to return books!

March 2018 Improving the Quality of Your Information Using Google Scholar

October-November 2017 - Halloween Costumes, Axis360, Thanksgiving gratitude

September 2017 - Welcome back! Information on databases, NYT & Washington Post

June 2017 - What are you reading?

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