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Research Requirments

1.  Information for this project must come from these 2 sources (links are in the boxes below):

     - A magazine article from GALE: Popular Magazines Database
     - An article from the Teen Health and Wellness Databases

2.  Citing Sources: You must cite your sources on Noodletools and print out your bibliography 

3. Printing your articles: you must print articles from both databases, and highlight as you read them.

* You will be required to pass in your printed, highlighted articles with the printed bibliography.
   Be sure to cite any images you use, with the image title and url only.


Cigarettes and Vaping
Chewing Tobacco

   Steroids & Muscle Building
   Club Drugs

   Alcohol and the Teen Brain

   Common Food Allergies/Symptoms and Treatments

   Stress Management
   The Importance of Sleep
   Tattoos/Body Piercing 
   Benefits of Exercise

Organic Foods
   Energy Drinks
  Skin Cancer

   Diabetes (type 1 & 2)
   Celiac Diseast (Gluten Sensitivity)

Cite your sources using Noodletools. (Remember you can copy/paste the citation from online databases; GALE has a new, even easier feature-see tutorial below)

You are required to submit a printed bibliography - print this out from Noodletools. (See librarians for help if needed)

Minimum citations: 

  • Magazine Article from GALE online Database
  • Teen Health and Wellness online Database

If you use other sources, they must be included in your bibliography.

Pictures for the project must be cited too - you do not need to do a full citation, but please include:

  • Title of the picture (to identify it)
  • Link for online source you obtained the picture from


Google Presentation

Infographic (using

Examples of infographics

Professional Brochure 
Public Service Announcement (PSA) using iMovie


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Online Sources

Click on the image to access

GALE: Popular Magazines
A comprehensive collection of Magazine Articles

Log in not required  U

Click on the image to access

A comprehensive database that allows teens to research
health-related issues important to their well-being. It’s both a
research/report tool and a self-help resource.

Log in required  UN:  concord   PW: concord

Click on the image to access

TeensHealth is part of the KidsHealth family of websites. These sites, 
run by the nonprofit Nemours Center for Children's Health Media,
provide accurate, up-to-date health information.

No log in required - this is a website


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