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Concord Middle School Library

Welcome to the CMS Library


Issues and Controversies
New! - extensive resources on current issues; offers pros and con positions

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Issues and Controversies in History
Offers balanced coverage of a broad range of topics, from slavery, empire, and revolution to race, gender, economy, and disease, all over the globe.

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News articles

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Gale: Global Issues in Context
Offers a variety of types of sources on current issues

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Gale in Context, Middle School
Wide variety of topics including podcasts, newspaper articles, magazines and reference

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Encyclopedia Britannica
General reference encyclopedia

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The Boston Globe
Newspaper articles; potential source of information for local topics

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Gale Gender Studies
Offers a variety of types of sources on current issues

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eBooks are available for these topics: Instructions for accessing eBooks:

Women's Rights

Women's Rights (Friedman)
Roe v. Wade 


Stem Cell Research (Scherer)
America Debates Stem Cell Research 
Global Warming 
Climate Change 
America Debates Global Warming 
Genetically Modified Foods 
Animal Rights (Friedman)
Is Animal Experimentation Ethical? (Szumski)

Human and Civil Rights

Racial Profiling (Scherer)
Racial Profiling 
Gay Marriage 
Same-sex Marriage 
Prisoners' Rights 

Laws and Our World

Brown v. the Board of Education (Gitlin)
Athletes and Drug Use 
Banned Books 
Students' Rights 
Illegal Immigration 
Bill of Rights 
The Bill of Rights 

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The most common question from the media literacy lesson was: what are other ways to check sources besides Wikipedia? Several approaches/links are listed below. Videos explain each strategy. 

Strategy #1:  Investigate the source

                  Lateral reading (open a new a search on the organization and/or people)

                  The Wikipedia Trick (4:31) - great place to start - what can you find out about the organization/people?

Strategy #2: Check the claim

                    This can be done through fact checking websites, like 

                                     - Snopes
                                 - Politifact
                                 - Fact Check
                                 - Media Bias

 Checking the Claim (4:30)  - suggestions on how to check the claim to verify your information 

Strategy #3: Trace the information

                    Backtrack to find the original source of information

                    Tracing the information (5:04) Backtrack through links or images


Media Literacy: Research Warm Up