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The Great Gatsby

Library Books

These books were used as print resources for the unit in March 2014.  Please check the catalogue to confirm if the book you want is available.

305.235 20th Century Teen Culture by the Decades
305.4 Wea American Women's History
305.4 Enc V. 3    

Encyclopedia of Women in American History V.3 1900-Present

305.4 Deu The Young Oxford History of Women in the U.S.
305.42 A Century of Women
305.48 Isk Bachelor Girl
306 Dro American Popular Culture Through History - The 1920's
345.73 Arc of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age
363.4 Beh Prohibition
364.1 The Mafia Encyclopedia
R 364.1 Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime
364.1 And Organized Crime
R 391 Fas V. 4 Fashion, Costume, & Culture V.4
629.2 Del American Cars Past to Present
R 700.89 Enc Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance V. 1&2
700.9 Cla Art & Propoganda in the 20th Century
709.04 Con Roots & Routes ~ Art in the 20th Century
709.04 Hol '20's & 30's Style
781.65 Swing
781.65 Car A Century of Jazz
782.4165 Fri Jazz Singing
R 791.43 The Encyclopedia of Hollywood

History in the Media

791.43 Skl

A World History of Film

796 Nuw

Sports Scandals

796.357 Lig

The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball

796.357 War


B Freud

Sigmund Freud

973 Kel

To Make Our World Anew

R 973 Twe V.1        

20th Century America: Reform, War, & Peach 1901-1929

973 Gro

Political Corruption in America

973.91 Gla

The Crash of '29 & The New Deal

973.91 Alm

The 1929 World Almanac

974.7 Edk

The Power of Pride

974.7 Smi