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The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby Treasure Hunt

You will be completing this assignment in pairs.  Pick 3 of the first 12 questions to answer and then answer Question #13.  Answer thoroughly in complete sentences on the provided handout. Do not "cut and paste" -- rephrase the answers in your own words.

1.     F. Scott Fitzgerald

2.     World War I

  • Read After the War Pay close attention to the attitudes of the "Lost Generation" and the "Prosperity & Consumerism" movement. 

3.     18th Amendment & Prohibition

4.     Organized Crime and Arnold Rothstein

5.     19th Amendment

6.     The Roaring Twenties

  • Look at this website on 1922 (the year in which the novel is set).

7.     Harlem Renaissance

8.     Flappers

9.     Automobiles

10.  Music

11.  1920’s Slang

12.  The Great Gatsby Movie

13.  Conclusions

  • Based on the information you have collected from on your treasure hunt, what do you think the plot and setting of The Great Gatsby will include? What kinds of characters do you expect to encounter in the novel?


Assignment Part I

Part I – Treasure Hunt (20 points):

With a partner, complete the Gatsby Treasure Hunt that can be found on the LC website at: short answer to any 3 questions of your choice plus #13 from the Treasure Hunt activity site.  Make sure they are all in complete sentences and that you include the titles and authors of any sources you use. 

Rubric Part I

Treasure Hunt Rubric


Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3


Completeness – Have you answered each part of the question?





Plagarism – Have you written the answer in your own words?





Knowledge – Have you correctly defined key terms, key persons, and summarizing concepts?





Analysis – Have you given examples to back up your answers?





Grammar & Spelling – Did you write completely, in complete sentences, with minimal errors?









Grading Scale

Did not complete requirement

Partially completed requirement

Fully completed requirement

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