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CMS Summer Reading 2014

Summer Reading Assignment #1 - All Grade Levels

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All CMS students are required to read Freak the Mighty, 
by Rodman Philbrick, and respond to the following prompt:

Often in works of literature, a character’s sense of self changes and grows as s/he journeys through life.   In Freak the Mighty, Max’s sense of self clearly grows over the course of the novel.

As you read the book, make sure you pay attention to and take notes on specific moments where Max reveals something about his sense of self.  Be thorough, but you don’t need more than ten examples/moments.  You will use these notes to write your paper back at school in September.  (DO NOT write this paper over the summer.)

Links for the 6th grade organizer are below.
(You can choose to use the GoogleDoc or print out a Microsoft Word Doc)

(7th and 8th graders should take notes without an organizer)

 Google Doc Link: 6th Grade Summer Task

A Note to CMS Families:

We believe that reading for pleasure builds lifelong learners. We hope that you and your children will explore this collection of great reads, luxuriating in the genres you already love and maybe finding something new to enjoy.