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CMS Summer Reading 2015

Summer Reading Assignment #1 - All Grade Levels

            Click on the image to access book reviews

All CMS students are required to read 
The Cat at the Wall
by Deborah Ellis

Select ONE activity from the list below to complete for this book.
Try to capture what you took away from reading this book...
These will be collected the first week of school.
(You may also think of your own project to complete!)

Bookmark  link to template (or you can create your own)   
Book Cover
link to template (or you can create your own)
Haiku link to instructions
Movie Poster link to instructions
Cartography (Mapmaking) link to instructions
Comic Strip link to templates (or you can create your own)
Book Trailer
Photo Album

Resources for background infomation on the Arab - Palestinian Conflict (click on the link to access resource)

Conflict in Israel and Palestine 

Arab-Israeli Wars

from Encyclopaedia Britannica online database


Why are Israel and the Palestinians fighting over Gaza?