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Summer Reading 2017


Assignment #1:

1.  Select ONE of the following six books (The 'Big 6'). 

2.  After you have read it, click on the "Entry to Labyrinth" link and follow the instructions

**Bonus Challenge: Read all 6! Click here for details**

BOOKED by Kwame Alexander

Poetry, humor and wordplay describe this quickly moving free verse novel. Nick is a typical middle school student who daydreams through school. He insists that learning is not his thing, which frustrates his father (who has written a dictionary) and worries his mother. Big issues like bullying and divorce are addressed through a clever interplay of poetry, reading and word play, all of which add up to a fun and intriguing reading experience. And there is even a crazy librarian who used to be a rapper...

Entry to Labyrinth / Booked


MARCH: Book One by John Lewis

This graphic novel fomat chronicles events from the life of Georgia congressman John Lewis, focusing on his youth in rural Alabama, his meeting with Martin Luther King Jr., and the birth of the Nashville Student Movement. President Obama's 2009 inauguration provides its homebase as the congressman's story is told in a series of reminiscences of a couple of school boys and their mother as they navigate the civil rights movements. This is the graphic novel style at its best - and is the first of three volumes telling this story. 

Entry to Labyrinth / March


Serafina is 11 years old, and has a dream of becoming a doctor - but the school uniform is expensive, and there are always so many chores... Serafina despairs that she may never have the chance to pursue her dream. Told in first-person verse, this novel captures the struggle and determination of this young heroine as she persists in every way imaginable to overcome obstacles. The story is woven with Haitian history, culture and Creole phrases that capture both her hope and her hardships.This is a beautiful story of the power of determination, family and friendship. 

Entry to Labyrinth / Serafina's Promise


The screenplay for the recently released film. Magical zoologist Newt Scamander is attending the "Magical Congress of the United States" in New York City for what he thinks is going to be a short stay. When he misplaces his briefcase,  some of his dangerous beasts escape, and the trouble starts...Newt's story occurs 70 years before Harry Potter reads his book at Hogwarts. 

Entry to Labyrinth / Fantastic Beasts

MARVELS by Brian Selznick

Selznick's groundbreaking narrative format combines wordless illustrated storytelling with words to create a unique reading experience. The book opens with nearly 400 pages of his signature pencil drawings which depict generations of the Marvel family, who all work in the theatre. When the format switches to prose, the story picks up with Joseph Jervis, a 13-year-old on the run and searching for his uncle Albert in 1990. When he finds his uncle's house, the mystery and intrigue take over as Selznick weaves clues and misdirections through his pictures and words and the truth is artfully revealed. "Selznick's warm, affecting family tale is bittersweet, astonishing, and truly marvelous." (Booklist)

Entry to Labyrinth / Marvels


This nontraditional fairy tale combines sinister and appealing characters, magic, and strong storytelling. A baby girl (Luna) is adopted by a kind witch (Xan) after she accidentally feeds on moonlight - which fills her with magic. As Luna's magical powers grow, it creates such havoc that Xan is forced to put a spell on her to suppress her powers - but this creates yet another set of problems. This year's Newbery Medal winner is "rich with multiple plotlines that culminate in a suspenseful climax, characters of inspiring integrity (as well as characters without any), a world with elements of both whimsy and treachery, and prose that melds into poetry." (Booklist

Entry to Labyrinth / The Girl Who Drank the Moon 

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