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Summer Reading 2017

CMS Summer Reading 2017


These are the requirements for summer reading (click on tabs above for details):

           1.  Select ONE book from THE BIG 6 (answer question; rate/review - see Assign #1) 

           2.  Read TWO additional books (rate/review; complete one project)

                        * Completion of the summer reading assignments will be part of your English grade for Term 1  

Our Summer Reading Program has been designed to incorporate CHOICE and FUN..  
The BIG 6 titles have been selected because they represent a diverse selection of stories
told in different formats, offering choices to all kinds of readers.  

For Parents and Students:  Here is a link to an article about the importance of reading - even for reluctant readers:
5 Reasons to Read for Reluctant Readers

The library is constantly striving to build a community of readers at CMS!
Once again summer reading will lay the groundwork for our schoolwide game
that will start when students return to school in the fall. Watch the trailer...

 LITERARY LABYRINTH: a tunnel trolling adventure!