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Concord Castaways 2016

CMS Survivor Game following our summer reading program


The SS CMS is sliding into the sea! 
You can scavenge supplies to make life more comfortable 
This week's cards: Blankets, Tools, Lamps, Fishing Gear  
Tribes must buy at least 3 cards to continue in the game.

There are 10 tasks that can be completed this week to earn points. Each tribe can submit ONE of each task..

Your goal is to SPLIT UP THE TASKS AMONGST YOUR TRIBE to complete as many as you can. Some tasks can be completed by one tribe member (individual); some require more than one participant (groups).  

Week 2 tasks are worth 20 points. If it is a group task, it is worth 20 points per group member.  

Points for week 2 will be compiled and tallied on Friday, SEPT 16

Challenge will be available on Wednesday, Sept 14 - remember you can only submit one challenge per tribe
(You might want to split this one up amongst your tribe members!)

Tell a CMS adult about a HISTORICAL FICTION book you read this summer - you may choose a principal, asst. principal, nurse, English Teacher or librarian.

Individual (up to 5 students)

Create a map of the September night sky - what stars/planets/constellations can you see?
? Submit list to a Science Teacher.

(max 2 submissions per tribe)

Everyone's watches and cell phones were lost or destroyed during the shipwreck. Submit a description (with picture) of how will you keep track of the passage of time on the island   Submit to a librarian

(max 3 in group)

Create a unique recipe using tropical foods. Submit to FACSTeacher

(max 3 in group)

Calculate how much water your tribe will need to survive the four weeks you will be stranded. Submit to a Math Teacher

(max 2 submissions per tribe)

Find a spanish/french/mandarin speaking island or country: what elements of their culture would you like to incorporate into your tribal culture? Create a google presentation describing your tribal culture. Submit to a World Language Teacher

Group (max 3 in group)

Make a 1 minute iMovie that captures your life as a survivor on the island. Submit to Digital Literacy Teacher

Individual (max 2 submissions per tribe)

Create a math word problem with a survivor theme. Provide the answer!
 Submit to Math Teacher

Group (max 3 in group)

There is an inactive volcano on the island...but it's starting to rumble. What would cause the vocano to erupt? Find some information about volcanos so you can help your tribe understand what might happen and what to do if it erupts.  Submit to Science Teacher

Group (max 3 in group)

Read the article "Star Spangled Banner" in the July/August issue of Muse Magazine (in the library). Tell a librarian about the article, then create a flag for your tribe. 

Group (max 3 in group)