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Concord Castaways 2016

CMS Survivor Game following our summer reading program



It was a short week, and tribes need a bit more have until Friday, Sept 16 to complete week 1 tasks. Submit your WEEK 1 CARD REQUISITION FORM with your week 2 form on the 16th

You can use the points from your summer reading, and there are 10 tasks that can be completed this week to earn more points. Each tribe can submit one of each task..

Your goal is to split up the tasks amongst your tribe to complete as many as you can. Some tasks can be completed by one tribe member (individual); some require more than one participant (groups).  

Week 1 tasks are worth 20 points. If it is a group task, it is worth 20 points per group member.

Points for week 1 will be compiled and tallied on Friday.

WEEK #1 CHALLENGE has been closed

Tell a CMS adult about one of the “Big 6” summer reading books - you may choose a principal, asst. principal, front office staff, nurse, guidance counselor or music/drama teacher.  (up to 3 students from your tribe can complete this task)

Individual (up to 3)
What kinds of foods can you find on a tropical island to survive? Submit list to library. Individual (1)

Find 3 different foods that your tribe can use to survive. You will need a combination of fruits, vegetables and protein. Remember how many people you have to feed in your tribe. How much of each will you need?  Submit to the FACS teacher

(max 3)

Design a shelter for your tribe - submit a sketch,  and describe what you will use to build it. Submit to Applied Tech Teacher

(max 3)

Create a safety manual designed to keep your tribe safe while you are stranded on the island. Submit to Health Teacher

(max 3)

Design a Social Structure for your tribe, that uses at least 10 tribe members. Submit to Social Studies Teacher

(max 3)

Write a list of at least 5 tribal laws. Submit to Social Studies Teacher


Create a map of the island, using the school building as your basis - the library is the center of the island. Use your imagination - where is the shipwreck? Where is your shelter? What else might be on the island and where would it be located? Submit to Social Studies Teacher

(max 3)

Research and write "how to's":
 - How to build a campire
 - How to purify water
 - How to identify poisonous snakes
 - How to identiry poison ivy

Submit to Science Teacher

Indvidual for each one

BUGS might be a problem while you are stranded on the island!  Figure out a natural way to repel mosquitos - you can use whatever resources you want to find information on this.  Submit a description of how you will help keep your tribe BUG-FREE...and what kinds of bugs you are trying to repel.   Submit to a Health Teacher