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Concord Castaways 2016

CMS Survivor Game following our summer reading program


The SS CMS has crashed into a deserted island! As shipwrecked survivors, your homerooms have become tribes and you have spread out around the island. Now it is time to use the points earned with your summer reading to help your tribe survive and escape.

You will be here for four weeks...solving challenges and working to escape the island. 

                                                             CONCORD CASTAWAYS ~ INSTRUCTION GUIDE


To win, your tribe must acquire enough cards to escape the island. All tribes can escape; the winning tribe is the one with the most cards and points at the end of the game. 

Gameplay: Each homeroom will start the game with the points that were accumulated over the summer with summer reading projects. Each student will contribute however many points he/she earned over the summer into the homeroom bank. You will start the game with those points.

Homerooms are now tribes.  Points earned during the summer are pooled together with your tribe to help you get started, but you will need to earn more as the game progresses. Each week, tribes will perform tasks and challenges to earn more points.  At the end of each week, tribes will purchase cards with points.  The game will run for four weeks; each week will have a different theme.

New tasks and challenges to earn points will be released each week.

Cards: Cards represent survival advantages and useful tools that will improve life on the island. Four unique cards are presented each week. Tribes decide which cards to buy.  Cards are purchased with points, which can be earned throughout the game.   

   Week 1:    SURVIVAL CARDS - Fire, Water, Food, Shelter (100 points)
                           Tribes learn how to survive.
                             ** Tribes must buy all 4 cards this week to survive and continue.

   Week 2:    SCAVENGER CARDS - Blankets, Tools, Lamps, Fishing Gear (100 points) 
                           The SS CMS is sinking!  Tribes can scavenge supplies to make life more comfortable.  
                             ** Tribes must buy at least 3 cards to continue in the game.

   Week 3:    ENTERTAINMENT CARDS - Sports Gear, Games, Instruments, Books (200 points)
                           Life is getting boring, and people are starting to argue.  Tribes can buy diversions.
                             ** Tribes must buy at least 3 cards to continue in the game.

   Week 4:    ESCAPE CARDS - Rope, Oars, Sails, Logs (250 points)
                           Tribes will build rafts to escape the island.
                             ** Tribes must buy all four cards this week to escape the island.  

Points: Each homeroom tribe will start the game with the points accumulated through summer reading projects. Additional points can be earned by completing tasks and challenges each week.  Tribes’ point totals can be viewed online or in the Library.

Tasks - A variety of tasks are available each week, and will be listed on this Library Libguides page.  Students (singly or in groups) can submit completed tasks.  Points are tallied for the tribes at the end of the week.  
                     ** The value of tasks increases each week

Challenges - There will be a new Challenge released each week. Tribes can complete challenges to earn bonus points, cards, or prizes, depending on the challenge. Challenges are time sensitive.

Strategy - Tribes need to decide how best to spend their points. Because the cost of cards and the rewards for completing tasks increase from week to week, the most successful tribes will be consistent in their participation. However, if your tribe does not have enough points to progress to the next week’s cards, your tribe can still catch up by completing tasks until you can afford the previous week’s cards. Even if your tribe is behind, you can still participate in the challenges.

End Game Scoring:
The winning tribe escapes the island and has the most remaining points.
 Although every tribe can escape the island, only one tribe will win the game. Any tribe which earns at least 14 cards by the end of the game escapes the island [four cards in the first week,  three cards in the second and third weeks, and four cards in the final week]. The winning tribe will be determined by comparing card totals and remaining points.

  1. At the end of Week 4, tribes escape the island by earning 4 cards.  Tribes that don’t have enough resources to escape, are now out.

  2. The remaining tribes now purchase as many missing cards as their resources allow.

  3. The tribe with the most cards and the most remaining points, WINS.

  4. In the event of a tie, a final challenge will determine the winning tribe.