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CMS Summer Reading 2016: CONCORD CASTAWAYS!

Welcome to CONCORD CASTAWAYS and CMS Summer Reading

These are the requirements for summer reading:

           1.  Select ONE of the books from ASSIGNMENT #1 - follow the instructions  

        2.  Read TWO books of your choice - choose a task for one of them as instructed in ASSIGNMENT #2   

                     * Completion of the summer reading assignments will be part of your English grade for Term 1  

Our Summer Reading Program has been designed to incorporate
...and it supports our efforts to build a community of reading at Concord Middle School. (Research indicates that summer reading helps mitigate the "summer slide" in students' knowledge and skills. Research also suggests that independent reading is more successful when students have a choice in selecting their books)

Here is the general premise:The books that are read and activities that are completed this summer will lay the groundwork for a school wide "survivor" game that will start when students come back to school in the fall.

Curious?  Watch the trailer...