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Nicholas Nixon is a photographer, known for his work in portraiture and documentary photography, and for championing the use of the 8x10 inch view camera.


Nixon has worked as a part-time professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design since 1975.


Abelardo (Abe) Morell (born Havana, Cuba, 1948) is a Boston-based photographer.

Morell is well known in the photographic community for creating camera obscura images in various places around the world and photographing these. Morell was awarded the Cintas Foundation fellowship in 1992 and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship in 1993.


Morell is currently a professor of photography at the Massachusetts College of Art.


Duane Michals

Duane Michals: Photographer or Metaphysician? What if a camera could capture death? Or desire? Or jealousy? More than any other photographer, Duane Michals has spent his career pushing the medium of photography to capture the metaphysical.



Masters of Photography


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