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CMS Summer Reading 2012

Concord Middle School summer reading assignments and book recommendations

Summer Reading Assignment #1 - All Grade Levels


Click on the image to access book reviews

All CMS students are required to read Bystander, by James Preller.

As you read, pay close attention to Eric Hayes, the main character (protagonist).

Take notes on significant/important moments that reveal his character over the course of the book. *

* You may take notes in whatever form you choose.  Your English teachers will collect your notes in September.

Summer Reading Assignment #2 - All Grade Levels

book pile

All students should also read a minimum of two other books this summer. 

6th grade: keep track of titles and authors on the school form (link below)

7th and 8th grade: keep track of titles and authors on the library moodle

Summer reading will be shared with classmates through creative projects and writing assignments in the fall.

(We encourage reaching far beyond the required minimum!)

Sixth Grade Reading Log

Click on the link for a copy of the reading log.  This form will be turned in to your English teacher in September.  Remember to have a parent sign the log before you submit it.