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Concord Middle School Library

Welcome to the CMS Library

Winter Book Challenge 2023

Guidelines for the challenge:
  - Audiobooks count as books
  - A book can only be used for one category
  - ONE book per category
  - The book must be read (completed) between Dec 23, 2022 and Mar 31, 2023

  - You don't have to go in order - jump around the categories as you wish!
  - Keep track of your books and challenge points on the reading log (google
    doc) shared with you in English 
[STAFF: print out a copy of the reading log found on the "Reading Log" tab above]

Students: you have received a copy via Google Classroom in your English classes.
Staff: click on the link below and print a copy of the reading log for your own use.

New Books!

If you liked Aru Shah... this is a portal fantasy with a strong message!

A powerful story of loss and identity, home and family

These are not your average professional wrestlers...!

A young seer's first prophetic vision upends her life 

A story about sisterhood, friendship, and the intricacies of blended families.

Raymond has a life-changing summer when he’s sent to Maine to stay with the grandparents he’s never met.

Percy Jackson meets Tristan Strong in this hilarious, action-packed contemporary fantasy

Tear up the rule book. Find your own lane. You are only in competition with yourself.

The Graphic Novel!

Wrestling with the past is never easy..

A spell-binding fantasy 

An unshakeable girl fights against the effects of climate change

Fourteen-year-old Ronan Boyle is the youngest and lowliest recruit to the secret Garda, an Irish police force that handles the misdeeds of numerous magical creatures. Best seller!