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Winter Book Challenge 2021


Winter Book Challenge 2021


Guidelines for the challenge:

Earn points by reading books
in different challenge categories.
(click on tab above to see challenges)
Max points = 200 

Audiobooks count as books

A book can only be used for one category

The book must be completed
between Jan 15 & Mar 31


To keep track of your books:

Check off each challenge
and submit your titles
as you complete them on our 

Winter Book Challenge Checklist 

Here are the challenge categories - you do not have to do them in any order
feel free to jump around as you wish!

  5 Points: Read any book of your choice
10 Points: Read a book with over 200 pages
10 Points: Read a book with one word in the title
10 Points: Read a Big 6 title from a prior year
10 Points: Read a book in verse
15 Points: Read a book with an animal main character
15 Points: Read a book that has a direction in the title 
(e.g. up/down/here/there/top/bottom/over/under, etc.)
15 Points: Read a book published in 2020 or 2021
15 Points: Read a book published the same year you were born
20 Points: Read a book set in a country that is not where you live
20 Points: Read a book that’s won an award
25 Points: Read a book with a person’s first or last name in the title
30 Points: Read 2 books by the same author

Total Points Possible:  200

SPOTLIGHT: The Domar Project

SPOTLIGHT: The Domar Project
Susan Orleans Rieder

Susan Orleans Rieder
Documentary Filmmaker
Exile and Community:
The Life of Carola Domar

Link to Website


Exile and Community
After her escape from Nazi Germany, Carola landed
in Concord, where she found the community she 
sought: "one connected by nature and guided by
modernist ideals."  The movie chronicles Carola's experiences.
Movie links:

Exile and Community (Trailer)

Exile and Community (Full Version)

New Books!!

These are just a few of the new books recently acquired - click on the image for summary/reviews