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CMS Library: Distance Learning

Activities, Lessons and Galleries during the school shut down

Poetry Challenges

Pfaffenbach: Tuesday April 13
Poetry Challenge

April is Poetry Month ~ Choose ONE of the activities below.
(scroll down for galleries of student work)




Write a haiku about a someone in your family, including pets

A haiku is a form of poetry consisting of three un-rhymed lines.  Follow the pattern below.

Illustrate your poem then submit it HERE

               Starlet                                                                         Title
        Always in your spot                                                             Line 1: 5 syllables
Wake and yawn you sleepy head                                               Line 2: 7 syllables
       Meowing for treats                                                               Line 3: 5 syllables



Create Spine Poetry

Gather books from around your house and stack them up to make poetry.  Use all kinds of books. 
Some of the most interesting poems can be made with cookbooks, picture books, or nonfiction

titles.  Take a picture of your poem and submit it HERE


Make A Poetry Ball

Write a poem with at least 8 lines on a subject of your choosing.  Copy the poem onto strips of
paper.  Make a hole at each end of the strips.  Fan the strips out into a ball shape, and attach
with tape, staples, brads, etc.  Add a ribbon or string to hang the poetry ball for decoration
and inspiration.  Take a picture and submit it HERE 


Grade 6 Book Spine Poetry

Grade 6 Haiku

Grade 6 Poetry Wheels