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CMS Library: Distance Learning

Activities, Lessons and Galleries during the school shut down


Zipline Challenge

Ziplines are not just for fun rides!  Ziplines are also used to move between steep points and to carry supplies


The Challenge

Construct a zipline and a carrier to move a ping pong ball, marble or other small object down a zipline. (In Peru last summer, we used a zipline to cross a river - see photo)
Total run time must be 4 seconds!

(Tip: When two things rub together, it causes friction, which is the force that resists motion.  You will need to find ways to reduce or increase friction to adjust speed.)

- Watch this VIDEO to get started.

Things to think about:

- How will you keep the ball inside the carrier as it speeds down the zipline?

- How will the carrier stay balanced on the line?

- How will you attach the carrier to the zipline so it’s easy to take on and off?

- What materials will be in contact with the zipline so the carrier slides easily?

More Challenges:

- Build a carrier that takes 10 seconds to travel the length of the zipline.

- Build a carrier to hold more than one ball - side-to-side or in a row.

- Race different models of carriers.


Send us a video of your zipline in action!

EGFI – For Teachers » Lesson: On Target! Accessed 17 Mar. 2020.


T-Shirt Crafts
Upcycle old T-shirts into other things!


T-Shirt Pillows
The DIY Network has instructions for turning old t-shirts into pillows.

Braided Belt
Check out this website to learn how to use material from t-shirt to craft a belt.
Tote Bag
This website explains 8 ways to make a tote bag out of a t-shirt.


Please send us pictures of your creations - we'd love to start a gallery!
Submit your photos/videos here 

Upcycle Jewelry

Paper Beads
The I Love Paper Beads website has instructions for making beads from all kinds of paper, 
plus examples of how to use the beads in jewelry.

Paper Clip Jewelry

Bend, shape and wrap ordinary paper clips into jewelry.
Instructions for these ideas and more

Tissue Box Patterns = Jewelry

The patterns on tissue boxes are so pretty.  Use the cardboard to make components for jewelry.

Tip: The shapes are best in a double thickness.  A coating of clear nail polish gives a nice shine.

Recycle beads, clasps and ear wires from old jewelry you no longer wear.

Hardware Store Jewelry

Bits and pieces of hardware make interesting jewelry.  Check the toolbox!

Instructions and ideas

Pretzel Knot Jewelry
Instruction Video
This video shows 2 strands folded in half, hanging from a hook.
You could also use tape to hold the top down. 
Use the loop at the beginning as one half of a closure; make a large knot at the other end.

Looking for more ideas?
Check out this website for more DIY ideas!


Recycle Old Books

Use discarded books for all kinds of crafts


Book Planter

Go HERE for instructions

* Ask for adult help with the carving



Book Into A Bag

Go HERE for instructions

Book Spine Bookmarks

Go HERE for instructions


Book Pages Star

Go HERE for instructions


Cover A Switch Plate

Remove the plate from the wall (carefully keep the screws).

Use Modge Podge or white glue (thinned with water) to cover the plate with a book page.

Let dry and replace on the wall.



Make A Phone Stand

Use supplies around your house to make and decorate a phone stand. 

- make it sturdy

- allow for cords

- personalized

Submit photos of your creations HERE



undefined Learn how to re-grow food from food HERE
undefined Learn about seeds you can plant outside right now HERE
undefined Find instructions for recycled bottle planters HERE

Offer to make a meal with these recipes HERE

Vegetarian recipes HERE

Baking recipes HERE

undefined Watch how to grow sprouts in a jar HERE
undefined Get inspired to make food art HERE - be sure to eat your creations!


Try these design challenges and submit pictures or videos of your results HERE


Paper Challenge

Roll a piece of paper into a column at least two layers thick, and tape it.  Make four.
Lay another piece of paper flat on top of the columns.
Slowly stack books on the paper tower.  How many books can you stack?
What other paper shapes can hold books?


Cardboard Challenge

Design a sturdy object out of cardboard.  Try a chair or small table.
Watch this VIDEO for tips!


Tabletop Basketball

Create a tabletop basketball hoop.  Make a ball launcher.
If you don't have a ping pong ball or other small ball for this, make one.
Try other sports - make a soccer net with kicker or a hockey game.


Personal Lapdesk

Design a lapdesk for your school laptop.  Use an old pillow, fabric, cardboard, trays.
Be creative!  Google images of homemade lapdesks for inspiration.