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Jewelry Instruction

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Electric Kits

Get ideas for making a Scribble Bot.

 To take it further, add a switch.

Get some ideas about how to make a mini car.

Add a switch to take it to the next level.

Learn how to add a switch to your projects.

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Paper Circuits

Use this video to spark your own creativity.

Use this video to spark ideas about your own light-up origami ideas!

This video demonstrates an advanced feature you can use in your project.

This video uses LED stickers - we use LED's with prongs.

Click HERE for full instructions to create the roto copter


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Automaton Project

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Poster Printer

Makerspace, Monday May 6:

Designing a banner:   Welcome to CMS 5th grade families! 

1. Go to

2. Create an account

3. In the search box, type BANNER - select CANVA BANNER (this will give you a selection of templates to
    use. (You'll need to select a free one)

4. Using the template, create your own banner - the editing tools are on the left side bar

5. Download your banner (download link is top right hand corner)

6. Select PDF for download file type

7. Email the PDF to Mrs. Stockwood




Library Orientation: Activity

Keva Planks Challenge

1. Using 20 planks, make the tallest structure possible (Measure how tall it is, how wide it is)
 2. Using 20 planks, make the widest structure possible (Measure how tall it is, how wide it is)