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Concord Middle School Library

Welcome to the CMS Library


 World Book Online: Reference Source - Start your search with a general search term (e.g. "Botswana")...then narrow your search  by exploring their linked resources. Lots of things to explore - videos, related articles, pictures etc.

This is a database.  Login required: UN: cpshome  PW: patriots

Britannica School (Published by Encylopedia Britannica, Inc.)    
A general reference encyclopedia.  Good for videos and general overview information.  You can select different reading levels.

This is a database.  No login required.

Global Road Warrior: A country-by-country database for learning about culture, customs, history, language.

This is a database.  Login required:  UN: concordms  PW: cougar

Noodletools: Forget how to use the database citation tool/shortcut? Watch the video below