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Topics to Explore

History Of The Ku Klux Klan
Database article - World Book
UN: cpshome  PW: patriots

When The KKK Was Mainstream
Article from NPR website

   They Called Themselves The KKK 
322.4 BAR        by Susan Campbell Bartoletti

The Great Migration: The African American Exodus From the South
Article from Priceonomics website 

The Great Migration
primary sources from the Digital Public Library Of America

  Failure Is Impossible 
305.42 K        by Martha E. Kendall

The Long Road To Women's Suffrage
Photo slideshow from CNN website

Article and video from the US History website

Database article - Britannica. 
Keyword Search: PROHIBITION

primary sources on the National Museum Of American History website

Prohibition - Unintended Consequences
Article from PBS website

Harlem Renaissance
Database article and videos - Britannica

The Jazz Age
Listen to music from the Digital History website

The 1920's In History
Website article  - click the tabs for different categories


    The 1920's Decade In Photos 
973.91 COR      by Jim Corrigan