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    Ancient and Medieval History Online (published by Infobase)
     Click on the image to get to the log in page, then click on the link for 
    Ancient and Medieval History.  Be sure to check out the videos as well as the articles. 
    This database specializes in Ancient Civilizations.
    Log In Required:  UN: concord   PW: middle

    World Book (published by World Book) 

    A reference source that includes thousands of articles, research tools, multimedia, and
    primary sources.  Start your search with a general search term...

    Log In Required:  UN: cpshome   PW: patriots


    Britannica School (Published by Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.)     

     A general reference encyclopedia.  Good for videos and general overview information.
     You can select different reading levels.
     No Log In Required



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UN: cmslibrary
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We have these ebooks:

Religions Around the World

The Israelites: the children of Israel

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