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Concord Middle School Library

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    Issues: Understanding Controversy in Society 
    American Government
 2 Databases published by ABC-CLIO. 
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   Global Issues in Context     
   No log in required
Tutorial: Using Global Issues Database


   Opposing Viewpoints
   Log in required: PW: manatee

   Tutorial: Using Opposing Viewpoints


   Britannica School     
   A general reference encyclopedia.  Good for general overview information.
   You can select different reading levels.
   No log in required

    Tutorial: Search and Navigate Britannica (3:22)


   Biography in Context 
   Biographical information for specific individuals
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eBooks are available for these topics: Instructions for accessing eBooks:

Women's rights

Women's Rights (Friedman)
Roe v. Wade 


Stem Cell Research (Scherer)
America Debates Stem Cell Research 
Global Warming 
Climate Change 
America Debates Global Warming 
Genetically Modified Foods 
Animal Rights (Friedman)
Is Animal Experimentation Ethical? (Szumski)

Human and Civil Rights

Racial Profiling (Scherer)
Racial Profiling 
Gay Marriage 
Same-sex Marriage 
Prisoners' Rights 

Laws and Our World

Brown v. the Board of Education (Gitlin)
Athletes and Drug Use 
Banned Books 
Students' Rights 
Illegal Immigration 
Bill of Rights 
The Bill of Rights 

- Go to DESTINY (link for Peabody library - eBooks are there)

- Click on CATALOG

- Copy and paste the book title into the catalog search box, and select “Electronic Book(eBook)”  in the “Material Type” box.

- Search by clicking "Title".

- You will see suggested eBooks - click on the “Open” button for the book you want:



- You will need to log in:



- This should take you to the eBook.


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